Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday, September 12th

Reading Logs are due this Friday, September 15th.  Each student is expected to read for 20 minutes on 9 of the 14 days and the form should have a parent signature.  If reading logs are not handed in, you will be expected to read during recess until it is returned.

Tonight's Math homework is to study vocabulary cards and finish Math 4 Today worksheet.

Thursday is an Early Release Day.

Tomorrow Mrs. Goldsmith's class has Computers and Mr. Sag's class has Music.

Color-a-thon fund raiser is due this week.

Each day, there will be a trivia question on this blog.  Email the answer to Mr. Sag at jsag@sau10.org to receive credit for checking the blog.  Your weekly salary is tied into how many questions you answer per week.

Today's Question:

This week we will be listening to U2. What country are they from?

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