Friday, September 8, 2017

Parent Information Night Key Points

For those of you that were unable to attend Parent Information Night, here are some of the key points.

--Fifth grade's main objective is middle school preparation.  We stress independence, responsibility, and organization.

--Team teaching is one way we get them ready for middle school.

--Please check the blog everyday (parents and students).  Important information and assignments are posted daily.

--Second progress reports of each trimester will be written by the students and approved by the teachers.

--We do have nut allergies in this grade.  Please be aware and sensitive when preparing snacks or sending treats in for birthdays.

--Information about Reader's Workshop, Words Their Way, and RTI were sent home with the students.

--Please support the PTA.

--A link to sign up for parent/teacher conferences will be emailed or posted to the blog shortly.

--We encourage students to come to parent/teacher conferences.

--Book orders will start coming home once a month.  You can order online or send orders in to school.  If you are sending them to school, please do not send cash.

--We will resend the supply list home in December.  Please replenish supplies as needed at this time.

--We are available to meet with you about your child at any time.

--Electronics to read on can be brought in at your own risk.  (I wouldn't bring mine).

--Puberty movie will be shown in November.

--Please be aware of your child's hygiene habits.  Deodorant and daily showers are essential in 5th grade.

--Reading Logs are an important part of 5th grade homework.  Students are expected to read 9 out of 14 nights, for 20 minutes per night.

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